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M17: Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge (Manhattan side)

M17: Williamsburg Bridge

Date: 17 January 2022
Distance: 9km
Weather: 5C / 41F, damp
RPE: 4/10

Factoid: Construction of the Williamsburg Bridge began in 1896, and from 1903 when it opened until 1924, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world. The DOT estimates that the Williamsburg Bridge carries 140,000 motorists and 92,000 transit riders each day – but only about 1000 bikers and pedestrians. This might explain why it’s often a nightmare to drive across.

This was my second attempt on the day at this run – I’d initially set out an hour before, only to turn back when the rain picked up. Thankfully it cleared up, and NYC got a small window of sunshine on an otherwise grey and cold MLK Jr. Day 2022. This was an easy point-to-point run from Brooklyn to Manhattan, ostensibly to run some errands in Union Square but really just to rebuild the habit of slightly longer runs.

Me, mistakenly in the bike lane
Me, mistakenly in the bike lane

The bridge itself is a relatively easy run, spanning 2.2km and reaching a height of 41m at the center. Gentle inclines on both sides of the bridge, and separate bicycle and pedestrian paths make for a relaxing run. Pay no heed to the subway trains rumbling by.

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