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BK01: Pulaski Bridge

The view from Pulaski at sunset

BK01: Pulaski Bridge

Screenshot 2022-01-16 at 11.08.57 AM

Date: 12 January 2022
Distance: 5km
Weather: 3C / 37F, light wind 
RPE: 3/10

Factoid: the Pulaski Bridge is an 860 meter long drawbridge that connects Long Island City and Greenpoint, over Newtown Creek. It was constructed in 1954, and named after the Polish commander and American Revolutionary War fighter Casimir Pulaski. 

An easy post-work evening run from Greenpoint to the Pepsi-Cola sign in LIC, one of my first outdoor runs in New York this new year. It had been an annoyingly cold -6C the day before, and I was keen to get out and run once temperatures were human again. I managed to catch about 10 minutes of remaining daylight, but was glad to be moving again.

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